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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 4, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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. right now at 11:00, the final preparations are under way along the ben franklin parkway as philadelphia prepares to celebrate our nation's independence. down the shore the festivities are already in full swing, boards busy along the coast as fireworks light up the night skies. the big question in all of this, will the weather cooperate with all of the 4th of july celebrations? backyard barbecues? right now, stormscan3 is tracking rain. it's expected to arrive in our area tomorrow. good evening, to you, i'm jessica dean we're hoping it's not a wash-out this weekend, for more on that, let's go to meteorologist kate bilo who is live on the cbs so we're clear with the of his look at the holiday if forecast. >> i wish i had better news for the 4th of july. it's not going to be a total wash-out. you're going to be dodgings
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showers and maybe a thunderstorm, by evening we try to clear things out and get fireworks, starting overnight, and especially into the first half of day tomorrow, we do expect wet weather, let's look at stormscan3, we'll zoom in, clouds started to move in to few showers starting to creep into portions of eastern maryland. it's not all of that reaching the ground right now, few sprinkles could get into the city through overnight hours and tomorrow morning all that rain you see back to the west. it's going to really converge and oh our area. we're not talking about just a steady driving rain all day, but scattered showers and a lot of cloud cover as well tomorrow. that's going to keep things a little bit cooler than we'd like. look down over portions of eastern virginia. that could move up to the shore pointss of delaware as we get into the first part of our saturday as well. big question how quickly can we get this out? looks like by later in the evening, we may try to dry thing out and hopefully get these fireworks displays going, ground may be wet,
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hopefully we'll clear the skies so we can get displays of patriotism on independence day. 73 at the airport, 73 as well you head over toward reading, 74 in allentown, 71 in trenton, first big badge of rain to north and west miss is us 8:00 steadier rain in the lehigh valley around 2:00 p.m. do we clear it out? that's the big question, few breaks of sun perhaps by 5:00. not a whole lot going on around 8, 9, 10:00, lot of cloud cover if the rain moves out we should be able to get those evening barbecues and fireworks display. much better weather day three on the three-day, i'll have that as well as the rest of the seven-day forecast when i join you back inside. america's celebration is in full swing and security is a top concern tonight t "eyewitness news" report david spunt on independence mall. >> reporter: more patriotic
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place to celebrate the beginning of america. >> we got the first of a lot -- philly is the place to be. >> reporter: thousand to say filled independent mall to listen to the famous philly pops. in front of independence mall people from all over world came to spend a little quality time and enjoy the american spirit. >> feels surreal. >> came from johnstown pennsylvania to spend a weekend in philly. >> i haven't been here 40 years. i'm so glad to be here this evening. >> reporter: thousands also filed inside the room where it all began. to catch a glimpse into the past. >> gives gives you goops bums. >> last week the fbi and department of homeland security. we noticed an increased presence trash cans were wrapped as a security measure. the people who came to enjoy the
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night appreciate the extra eyes and ears. >> it's good to know the city does take at this time seriously and allows the people to come out. ♪ home of the brave ♪. >> reporter: tomorrow the party will move to the ben franklin parkway with those famous put philadelphia fireworks, reporting tonight from independence hall where it all began 239 years ago. happy independence day david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". some beautiful sights and sounds there. for many of you the shore is the place to be on the 4th of july. to fireworks capped off a great day for many in atlantic city. "eyewitness news" steve patterson is down the shore tonight where the holiday weekend is well under way. >> reporter: depending on where you're looking this holiday weekend, what you see tells another story about atlantic city. look up and you'll see the faded marquees of closed casinos. four of 12 shutdown last year contributing to the area's 15
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plus percent unemployment rate a real beach bumper until you look down. where you'll find 6-year-old sky smith turning seven at the stroke of midnight enjoying all the excitement. >> cook-out and we're going to play. >> reporter: look out and you'll see the beach. summer para sailing, sand can i say else and wise words when moms watching. >> because i get to spend time with my family. >> reporter: look around to find a cul cul can choreally melting pot, some more patriotic than other. no matter where you look point is it looks like fun watch where you're going because at some point everyone will be looking to the sky. >> we're here to see fireworks. >> going to the fireworks. >> reporter: if you missed them
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friday there is another round right here in atlantic city on the marina saturday at 9:30, reporting from the boardwalk in atlantic city steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". looking good there. they celebrated america's birthday in upper darby tonight "eyewitness news" was there for a wonderful fireworks display everyone feeling very patriotic, kettle tick band black thorn also there to entertain the crowd. you can head over to for a list of activities and events all around the region. once you get there click on top spots. you can also get the very latest on the forecast any time. it's all there for you at philadelphia police are investigating a deadly qatar drupe pell shooting in nicetown. a suspect wearing a ski mask tried to rob three people early this morning along the 1900 block of june i can't at a street, one person was armed and a shootout erupted. all entertained people shot.
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a suspect found dead a block away. two men and women were rushed to the hospital where one of the men died. >> it's just another act of violence, this is why the department works so hard to try to reduce the level of violence in the city. it's just a robbery gone bad. >> a home and several cars hit by stray bullets during that gun battle no other injuries were reported. camden police are asking for the public's help to find victor bennett. kind of of shooting a police officer in the arm in camden wednesday night. that shooting happened at park boulevard and ken wood avenue. bennett fired at the officer as he drove by in an unmarked vehicle. a $5,000 reward is being offered in that case. two men steel a phone. then take pictures of themselves on it. what they didn't realize is that the victim would be able to see the photos thanks to the digital cloud, police in upper darby are hoping to catch the thieves, syma chowdhry has more on this
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investigation. >> reporter: there are two things wrong in these pictures. the men are holding an illegal weapon and the photos were taken with a stolen cell phone. >> they're going to get caught. it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: superintendent michael chitwood is looking for the two men. they are accused of stealing a pizza delivery man's car. it happened at the park lane east apartments early monday morning. he left his car running and went inside the building. when he came out, his car was gone. inside of it, $500 and his are cell phone. the car was found only a few blocks away, but money and phone were missing. the cell phone tracking device was turned off, but not its photo stream. the next day the victim noticed new pictures uploaded in his clout account. >> he started getting all these pictures that apparently were taken with the stolen cell phone. >> reporter: the pictures showed two men holding a sawed-off shotgun. elevated the need to catch the duo. >> it's a a sawed-off shotgun which is a nasty weapon.
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>> reporter: police released the photos on the social media accounts and have already been getting tips. chitwood said it's important to get these two off the streets along with the guns. >> more and more robberies being commited by individuals who have in near possession a sawed-off shotgun, so this takes a whole different realm. >> reporter: if you have any information about these two men contact police in upper darby syma chowdhry cbs3 "eyewitness news". the 50th anniversary of first lgbt is marked today with a special event at the philadelphia national constitution center. to my nears got a private tour of a new exhibit called speaking out for equality. that exhibit kron keels the ongoing debate over how much the constitution protects gay rights. >> still work to be done but i think no american group in the last 50 years has ever made such
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stop stopishing progress. >> reporter: the national lgbt 50th anniversary celebration continues with events all across philadelphia through sunday. banners representings four colors in the rainbow of flag were rolled out at the historic christ church in old city. hosted and inner faith service today to mark 50 years of lgbt activism. the 20-foot long banners were put in place on the south side of that church facing 2nd and mark. we have a sad update about a delaware family sickened at ca rib yen resort. also ahead at 11:00 -- it's not the fishing excursion this guy expected. we'll tell you what happened after out of his kayak. it was a journey unlike any other, the five-day flight making history. we had a pretty nice day, but things are changing. lots of rain heading toward the area. i'll tell you how it will impact
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your 4th of july holiday and if you'll have any time to get outside tomorrow or through the rest of the holiday weekend. that's coming up with the seven-day forecast. many of us will be lighting up the charcoal grill this holiday weekend. what about charcoal you drink? a new trend in health and beauty when "eyewitness news" continues.
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. paused for a moment of silence to honor the victims of last week's terror attack at a tunisian beach. 38 people died. 30 british citizens d queen elizabeth pause to reflect and offered condolences to the victim's families others were heard across britain. >> the loved ones they have left behind. >> the gun man was killed by tunisian authorities.
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government officials arrested seven men and one woman suspected of having direct ties to that massacre. doctors now say a delaware family sickened by pest sides while on vacation in the crib yen will likely never fully recover. the family of four was hospitalized ooftd they inhaled a toxic pest side being sprayed to treat bugs at their saint john resort. the 14 and 16-year-old and their father remained paralyzed. the mother improving in good condition, term next is now under investigation next with that incident. a frightening moment for a kayaker, when a shark flips him over. in the middle of an ocean in florida, when the shark caught his bate, knockeded him into the water. he was able to swim to safety to a nearby boat. he got back in and back to the ocean. not since jaws was released 40 years ago have so many people
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been afraid to go into the water. this year 23 reported attacks in us waters including seven in north carolina past three week, most shark attacks recorded in the 80 years, the national park service has this advice for concerned swimmers stay close to the shore and swim in small groups. >> with two young ones in the water i've been keeping an extra eye on the surf make sure i don't see any dorsal fines. >> you should be cautious but not too scared. >> scientist don't know why there's been an increase in shark attack theories include sea turtle -- more than three tons of supplies are on their way to the international space station. a russian rocket launched an unmanned cargo ship this morning, the successful launch follows last sunday's explosion of a space x rocket. the supplies should reach the iss by sunday morning.
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a similar plane powered only by sunlight made history after flying from to hawaii in a five-day journey across the pacific ocean. the longest nonstop solo flight without refueling, marking a first for aviation and renew i believe energy chris martinez has details from los angeles. >> reporter: after a five-day flight across the pacific of similar impus landed safely at a small airport outside honolulu hawaii friday journey from japan broke the record for the world's longest nonstop flight. >> incredible journey, incredible moment at a personal level. pilot andre was at the controls during the historic voyage. the 5,000 pound carbon fiber aircraft is flown without fuel and is equipped with 17,000 solar cells to charge the planes
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batterys. he practiced yoga and took naps to cope with the long hours. >> i didn't think i didn't think of how many days i was there, just thinking how i felt. during the day during the night. >> reporter: the solar impus project began in 2002 designed to highlight the potential of solar energy. >> this airport was flying without any problem. >> reporter: from hawaii the solar impulse will travel on to phoenix and new york before eventually crossing the atlantic ocean. chris martinez cbs news less than a annulus. this weekend, many people will be firing up the charcoal grill. people are mixinging the powder and beauty products even into drinks. new york city customers can get a juice with activated charcoal in it. can help detox fi the skin and body. experts is say there are no scientific studies to prove it
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impose your health. kate we've been talking about this. lesley has tried it. says it takes pretty good and gives her a lot of energy. >> which is great. if you to need alternative to coffee why not charcoal? wake up to it tomorrow, a little delayed energy. >> you may need a little pick me up. little gloomy when you wake up. it may bum you out slightly. it's not going to be a complete waist of a day. not a total wash-out. at least two out of three of this long weekend, two out of three days pretty nice today great, sunday looks great, tomorrow we'll be dodging showers automotive most of the afternoon, let's take a look outside right now, lot of folks down the shore they made the most of this day, this boardwalk has been packed all day long the beach has been packed all day. and it's just a great evening to be outside. fireworks display in atlantic city pictures on twitter, thank you so much for those. fireworks over in upper darby,
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fireworks in conshohocken great night for that. a lot of people out enjoying the start of this long holiday weekend. let's talk about what could put a bit of a damper excuse the punch could rain on your parade a little bit for the 4th of july. it this system bringing a lot of rain into the area it lifting from south to north. most of this rain here this steady badge you see moving toward central pennsylvania state college, altoona this is going to lift up to the north and mainly miss our area we'll get in on some lighter showers in the middle. you have to watch the rain still back to the south and west. this will can't to lift up through the day. anything you see down here shift that to the north and east. that's going to be what's on top of us during the day on the 4th of july during our independence holiday, unfortunately. doesn't look like a total wash-out. what you want to do a plan for showers any time during the day from morning until night. if it does clear out. the it's a -- blain plan your barbecue around the chance for
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wrnl. 73 is the airport. 72 in wilmington, 73 in reading. on the beach, it's 72 in stone harbor, 70 in bar get light. 73 in cape may 73 if you are down the shore this weekend showers and storms tomorrow at setbacks, sunday, stretch that weekend out. it's a beautiful beach day, 78 degrees with sun. kind of a half half weekend. 80's for your 4th of july. some spots, many spots will get just barely to 80 or slightly below. on sunday, we'll well into the 80's. lots of as you understand high pressure builds in and takes over the forecast. then sometimes up a bit on monday, back to the 80's again. i just want to show you future weather. you can see one big badge of rain at 9:00 a.m. main thely to the north and west. these pop-up showers at any time. here's 2:00 p.m. for the lehigh valley. that moves out and by 9:00 by the time the fireworks displays start going off most of us will be seeing drying. can't rule out a shower even at that time.
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this could linger a little bit longer, these showers are starting to get in here a big quicker tonight t the hope on sunday 1:00 p.m. fantastic, no problem. overnight stray shower mainly clough 67 overnight sloeshgs saturday forecast across the region from the city to the poconos to the shore, 70's just about anywhere, close to 80's, again, dodging showers maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder, especially south of philadelphia, best chance for a thunderstorm is down the shore and in toward the delaware beaches elsewhere, looking mainly for just scattered showers. quick look at that eyewitness seven-day forecast sunday best day, 86 sunny, great pool day, monday great as well, steamy tuesday, wednesday and thursday into next week. the fireworks are probably happening. should be happening, maybe a little soggy sitting on the ground. sit on the tarp. that might be a good idea. >> thanks so much lesley here with a look at what's ahead in sports.
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>> a little bit of everything for you tonight. we have tennis golf, news from the flyers plus maybe the best way to end a losing streak hit the road. starting in georgia
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. phillies going south to start lengthy road strip three games with the braid, adam mortgage on the round, morgan hangs the fast ball -- morgan, that will give the braves the
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early lead. top of the fifth morgan on -- hernandez calls a single, that will score the top of the game with one, good outing, but got nothing when it comes to -- seventh inning. hits the solo shot last replay in the lead all at less than at a needed they within 2 to 1. flyers coaching staff complete. kim -- previously worked under ron hextall, coached jonathan quick and la and won a pair of stanley cups. great tennis at women bell ton today, sir arena williams survivors, great brit healthier watson in front of a home town crowd pushed through in the final to win it 6 to 2, next up playing her sister venous the last time that happened at women bell ton was ticks years ago. advanced to the fourth round with a straight win. won today, and roger if he
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didder error did this -- wins a point and go on to win now looking for his eighth women bell ton title. greer re green prior classic, he shot one under par today a he's going oh to make the cut. thursday round, lowest score in 16 months. one more turn-up before the summer's gold cup team usa hammered gad month la four to nothing. rocket 25 yards out usa opens with honduras tuesday night. for the first time ever woman will coach in the nba summer leading, beckie has no monday -- she's going to handle the head coaching duties for summer league first female full-time female coach in natasha history when she joined the club last summer, 16 seasons in the wmba. >> very cool. i like it.
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right back.
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very patriotic. >> with that we want to thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we continue tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. for lesley kate and everyone i'm jessica dean. we're always on. up next is csi. have a great weekend. happy 4th of july.
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